Game shows are not what they used to be. They used to rule airwaves at night well before they ever became a daytime staple. Folks used to gather round the “ol’ boob tube” and watch strangers win fabulous prizes, trips, and cold hard cash. As sitcoms started to control more of the viewing landscape game […]

Music documentaries or biographical movies can always be a mixed bag of what you might get. They either seem to give you more than you expected or miss out on some of the more interesting aspects of the band or singer. While Bohemian Rhapsody was a wonderful film that captured Queen and Freddy Mercury quite […]

There is no position in all of sports that is harder than playing quarterback. None. It is the only position in sports where you have to know what every player knows and what they are up to on the field. They get too much credit for wins and they get too much blame for losses. […]

There is one name that is most synonymous with action movies: Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is usually the first person most people think of when the 80s and explosions on the silver screen are brought up. While Sylvester Stallone and others are definitely icons of action movies in their own right he was the absolute epitome […]

Every summer in the tri-states we get excited for the glut of country concerts we can attend all over the states. We will travel several hundred miles and sleep in less than perfect conditions in order to have fun and listen to some great Country music. WE Fest, Summerfest, Country Fest, Country Jam, and Country […]

There are moments that change everything. Some are for the better and we see how much our lives are improved by their existence. Better health or travel or maybe just a better way to watch TV. Some though are for the worse and change not just how we live, but how we view life’s experiences. […]

People have been cheating others out of their money or other property since the dawn of time. It’s human nature to want things and try to find ways to get them even if they are devious means. Whether you carry through with them is a totally different manner. Folks will routinely say that you can’t […]

As we grow up and and get ready to leave the nest that our parents have built for us we start to think about our next step. Whether you were going on to college or if you were going straight to the work force usually finances are tight and getting your own place requires a […]

Kate McKinnon is an absolute comedy genius! She knows how to ad lib with the best of them and convey a sort of quiet lunacy right near the surface of some of her characters. Netflix’s Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness is a documentary on big cat or exotic animal owners in the U.S. and […]

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