When someone passes away it can be hard to know what to do next. In this case a woman from Florida decided her husband, who had passed away suddenly still needed to travel. So she found the only way she felt was the best option. Click the picture to read the whole story.

For myself and most of my generation this was the biggest national tragedy we had witnessed. I was in 6th grade and the other 6th grade teacher stuck his head into our classroom and said, “The Challenger just exploded.” Our teacher herded us to his room to watch the replays of the video as the […]

The fourth-grade boy who recently got bullied for making his own University of Tennessee (UT) shirt to wear to school has now been offered a scholarship to attend UT. On Thursday, UT announced that the boy has been awarded a four-year scholarship to the school covering his tuition and fees. The school said that “should […]

A woman in Florida is happy she wasn’t using the facilities during a recent storm. Lightning apparently hit their outside septic tank and caused the methane gas to explode and their toilet to shatter. Growing up I was always told not to use the shower during a storm. Apparently Mom and Dad were on to […]

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