garth brooks

The Kennedy Center Honors always celebrates the best their is every year. Garth Brooks has definitely had a major impact on Country Music, but also on music as a whole. When Garth hit in the early 1990s he sparked a following that spanned every age group and demographic. I still blame him (jokingly) for all […]

Every four years we have the privilege of seeing the President Of The United States sworn in. Whether it’s an incumbent or a new President it is always a wonderful ceremony showing that our votes count in a free country. We don’t always have to agree, but we should always hope that our leadership takes […]

This is an honor. I’m excited … This is not a political statement, this is a statement of unity”, said Garth Brooks to reporters. During a press conference on Monday Garth announced that he had been asked to join the festivities on Wednesday. He will be performing along with Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez being […]

Garth Brooks revealed today that his daughter, Allie got a positive Corona virus test. A few weeks ago Garth canceled his Live! From Studio G because someone on his team tested positive. Luckily no one else tested positive and she had mild symptoms and is recovering. The Boot has the full story here.

OK, folks we need to do a better job of researching what we see or read on the Internet. Also, let’s try to not jump on our bandwagons whenever someone famous posts something harmless. Say an elite country star wearing a NFL Hall Of Famer’s jersey in the city the player played in posts a […]

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