DLC Inc. is a bit different from other charitable organizations in a small town. There was a need for a fundraiser for their local town celebration soon after the pandemic. Business owners Dusty Franzwa, Lucas Meyer, and Chris Schroeder (DLC) got together and decided they would head the drive for the funds. They decided to […]

One and done. That’s the saying this time of year when it comes to high school football. Wisconsin has already been a week into their post season run, but Minnesota starts this week. In this corner of the state it’s a big deal with almost every year having teams play in the State Tournament. Whether […]

The tragedy in Uvalde, Texas has been a tough story to read and hear about. The last few months have been very tough on that community. At some point life keeps moving forward and someone has to lead that charge. In Uvalde the high school football team has stepped up to that leadership role. They […]

Every week in May we will be showcasing a local American Legion and honoring our members of the armed forces both past and present. They are very active in their community with both youth and adult activities. They sponsor scholarships and educational opportunities for students and student athletes as well as raise funds through events […]

Brody Larson is the manager for the the football team in the small town school or Le Roy-Ostrander. Brody is small for his size due to fact that he lives with Hurler Syndrome. Last Friday night, in a victory over the Houston Hurricanes he got to do something he has never gotten to do with […]

MEA week means that the regular season is over and the playoffs begin! You can start to catch MN High School Football Playoffs starting this Tuesday night! Click the link for the brackets and where you can catch your favorite teams! CLICK HERE FOR MSHSL HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL BRACKETS

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