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A North Carolina family just wanted to have pizza. When their oven started to smoke they got quite the shock. They found a snake burning in the oven! Even though the snake wasn’t on the pizza they did not eat it. Good choice in my opinion. You can click the link on the Facebook post […]

All experiments have a level of risk. Would we know about electricity if Benjamin Franklin hadn’t put a key on a kite during a lightning storm? OK, we would by now, but you know what I mean. This young man made Christmas one to remember! That picture of him hiking up his jammy pants with […]

It’s always sad when we lose icons and idols. This year was no different. Here is a list of SOME of the famous deaths that occurred in 2019. Some of these aren’t even people! There are some not in this video, but it seemed every list was missing someone.

Adam Thielen is from Minnesota. Kyle Rudolph is not, but he has adopted the state as his new home. They both play for the Vikings and the two players got together to gather money from their teammates and the The Wilfs, who own the team and raised money for victims of The Drake Hotel apartments […]

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Every year NORAD tracks Santa on his trip around the world! They have added so much more to their site to check out with your family! So you better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout we’re telling you why! Santa Claus is coming to the tri-states! TRACK SANTA’S TRIP HERE!

A truck traveling at over 100 miles per hour went through a concrete wall at a Sarasota, FL airport. Luckily no one was hurt. No word if the airline made the driver check his truck before boarding.

After a great season the Minnesota Golden Gophers are headed to a New Year’s Day bowl game. They are playing in the Outback Bowl versus the Auburn Tigers. How did they react to that selection? They sent the Outback Bowl Committee hand written thank you cards from every player.

Five-year old Ella Legge gave shocked audience members the bird for almost the entirety of her school nativity play in Essex, UK. Ella, apparently suffering from a hurt finger, was trying to let her mother know that her finger was hurting by waving her middle finger at Carla Bovingdon during the play. For comparison she […]

Not everyone is a great chef. Some people have trouble boiling water. This local TV anchor was goaded by her family to make artichoke dip and the results are hilarious!

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