The “big game” isn’t just known for what’s on the field. Many people tune in for the bevy of wonderful or comedic commercials that grace the TV. Some people watch just for that reason alone. Some years are great and some are not. This year was kind of just OK. Nothing Earth shattering and epic, […]

When I saw the cast for “You People” on Netflix I thought it would be a laugh-a-minute movie. Eddie Murphy, Jonah Hill, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus are usually good for comedy gold. The storyline is the tried-and-true story of opposing viewpoints put to the test as they become family. Basically, it’s an update of “Guess Who’s […]

There is a glut of superhero movies or action adventure films out there that you may either love or hate. They are the escapist movies put out to simply entertain you, and for you to turn off the outside world and just be part of the experience. There may be small revelations or “gotcha” moments, […]

Remakes are always a sketchy proposition. Re-imaginings are usually worse than the original. Hollywood is a glut of rehashing old material to make a buck while usually not really improving on the original source or killing it all together. There are occasions when they do make something better or that fits within the original’s source […]

Every summer in the tri-states we get excited for the glut of country concerts we can attend all over the states. We will travel several hundred miles and sleep in less than perfect conditions in order to have fun and listen to some great Country music. WE Fest, Summerfest, Country Fest, Country Jam, and Country […]

I love the holiday season! From Halloween until New Year’s Day I love the feelings that people put out, the general vibe of the seasons. I truly love it when someone loves a holiday so much that they go the extra mile when decorating. We’ve seen hundreds of Christmas light displays with some set to […]

Way back in 2016 before there was a glut of streaming services there was one king or streaming and that was Netflix. They were the ones that really pushed streaming services to the extreme by buying and producing original shows and movies. What started out as a few here and there has grown into it’s […]

To be clear I am a big Mike Meyers fan. When he was on Saturday Night Live there wasn’t much he couldn’t make funny and a pop culture reference. “Wayne’s World” showed that you can at times take something funny in a sketch comedy and make it a major movie hit. Not everything he did […]

There are a number of movies out there where the main character has a trip to the future or body shift to a different age or a different timeline. “Freaky Friday”, “Big”, “13 Going On 30”, “Family Man”, “A Christmas Carol” ….. the list goes on in different manners and directions including kids being put […]

People have been cheating others out of their money or other property since the dawn of time. It’s human nature to want things and try to find ways to get them even if they are devious means. Whether you carry through with them is a totally different manner. Folks will routinely say that you can’t […]

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