We all know when there are certain events that people can become someone else. Someone different than what they normally are the other 365 days a year. It’s not because they try to be this way, but something changes them completely or, at the very least makes them a little “extra”. The Dude Dad shows […]

When you go to the beach you look forward to some sun, sand and maybe a dip in the water. Sometimes a day at the beach isn’t even a day at the beach. Some folks in Oregon go trapped when a cliff came apart and sent a rockslide down that trapped them in a manmade […]

We have seen many videos over the years of animals a little stuck. It may start off as kind of cute, but you quickly realize it’s a bad situation in the end. In the following video you almost are glad the bear is where it is so it can’t fight or hurt anyone. Kudos to […]

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