Taylor Swift tickets are a difficult thing to come by. I know a few months back friends and coworkers were sitting by their computers “in line” for their chance to see Tay Tay in person. Trying to make themselves and their kids happier than getting the best toy ever at Christmas. Not everyone gets to […]

We all keep hearing about artificial intelligence doing tasks that humans do. They are even dipping into the creative side of life with the ability to write songs when given an amount of source material and style. Some think it could help scribes get past writer’s block while other think people, especially kids will use […]

It’s always great when our food delivery shows up on time. We get our delicious meal still hot and tasty and we gladly pay the delivery person and give them a nice tip. In a recent video a pizza delivery driver delivered a bit more than a hot pie and some garlic bread. He delivered […]

No one wants to be “average” in most cases. They want to be “exceptional” or “great” or at the very least “above average” in their goals. Somewhere out there are just normal people that aren’t better than the norm, but are not below average for how they live their lives. A poll was taken and […]

I’m no ice fisherman. I’ve tried it a few times, but just don’t find the joy in it that others gladly do. Not enough action for me I guess. However, I appreciate the solemn meditation that can be had while getting in some fishing either alone or with friends. This attraction might get me out […]

We live in the future, in some respects that we expected to have by now as kids. Flying cars and living on the moon are not as common place, but robots doing some of the work for us in a reality. They build vehicles and work other manufacturing jobs and they even tend bar if […]

The future is here and it is bringing you pizza! A pizza place in Rhode Island has been added to the busy pizza restaurant so the servers can spend more face-to-face time with the customers. It’s pretty cool. I’m going to work on a way for a robot vacuum to bring me pizza in my […]

A North Carolina family just wanted to have pizza. When their oven started to smoke they got quite the shock. They found a snake burning in the oven! Even though the snake wasn’t on the pizza they did not eat it. Good choice in my opinion. You can click the link on the Facebook post […]

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