We all know there are certain ways we should act in certain places. At times, we may forget that there are some socially unacceptable things to do. A professional in the service industry gave some tips that all of us should be following. 1.  Don’t rearrange the tables on your own.  One of them could […]

Tik Tok is full of videos with people giving helpful tips or “life hacks”. Most of them are stupid or common-sense videos that show that person knows less about what they’re doing then you do. Occasionally, we get an actual professional giving hacks about their job. This is one such instance. Kat Kalimana is a […]

Every year the talk of resolutions comes up and how we’re going to change habits and “make (insert year here) the best year ever!” Sometimes we put too much pressure on those resolutions and set unattainable goals or feel like if we stray for a bit we can’t start back up. Some goals are easier […]

I’ve taken a my share of flights in my lifetime to one coast or the other and even to Alaska. I’m planning on more to the East Coast and Hawaii, and someday I hope to head to Europe to research my roots. When you’re on a plane there are several instructions and rules to follow. […]

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