How many action movies have we seen since the the 1980s that have a dramatic rescue scene? At some point the hero narrowly escapes the death as they jump from a car that’s about to explode or they pull someone from the burning wreckage just as it falls from a cliff. Then there is always […]

It always seems like when we’re in a hurry we get stuck behind a slow moving vehicle with no opportunity to pass. Slightly more frustrating is when our way is completely blocked. I’m about to appeal to anyone that lives in or makes many trips to Winona and gets caught at the dreaded train crossing […]

Authorities in Switzerland are searching for the person who left a package full of gold bars on a train, which is worth $191,000. Swiss police say the package containing the gold bars was found in the carriage of a Swiss Federal Railways train in October of last year. After “extensive investigations” failed to track down […]

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