Last night when the rain clouds were passing over Winona County and southern Houston County some people were getting stormed on. Hail, extreme lightning, heavy rains were involved. However, there was a gap in the clouds that spared northern Houston County of any rain, but gave us a spectacular golden glow with a few clouds […]

We all make sure to check the weather reports on the local news. Gone are the day when it was a basically a cardboard bulletin board with pre-placed shapes and numbers. The technology has been around for decades for the weather reporter to stand in front of a green screen and chose multiple graphics and […]

There are so many social media platforms to use and connect us. Whether for fun, likes, commentary, etc. they can be utilized in many ways. They have been enhanced over the years with filters and the moments that people have forgotten to turn those filters off are becoming more prevalent. That’s a good thing because […]

Halloween was just a few days ago. Remember, before it snowed? This Canadian weatherman was in the spirit and his coworkers couldn’t stop laughing. Neither can we!

It is no secret this year’s cool, wet weather hurt agriculture, but the impact does not just hit farmers. HorseSense in Coon Valley said the high demand for hay prices has the nonprofit worried about feeding its horses throughout the winter. HorseSense offers opportunities for children, adults, and veterans with physical and mental disabilities to […]

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