This Packers Man Cave Has Everything

Written by on January 6, 2022

The man cave. A secluded place where a gentleman can retreat and hide to be alone, indulge in hobbies, or to hangout with friends and watch sports or play video games.

They’re usually equipped with a large, or multiple flat screen televisions, a video game console, a pool table or other form of recreation, a comfortable recliner or couch, refrigerator and sports memorabilia or other paraphernalia plastered on the walls.

A die hard Green Bay Packers fan took the term man cave to a whole new level. It’s complete with a bar, table and stools, home movie theater couch seating, a team mirror in the bathroom equipped with a motion-detected paper towel dispenser. Oh, and if you’re a Minnesota Vikings fan, you may get a kick out of the sticker in the toilet.


The Ultimate Man Cave @pardonmytake (via:thedrewcave/ig)

♬ original sound – Reed Yates

Why would you need to go to Lambeau Field when you have everything in the man cave? Oh, and it’s warmer.

Cover photo: AP Photo/David Richard

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