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Kip Moore went has been i country music for quite a few years but ti took a few to get noticed. After Kip graduated from college where he started playing guitar and singing he did a bit of traveling. He spent time in Hawaii living in what he referred to as a hut learning to surf and making backpacking trips. Eventually though, he made his way back to the states where he traveled to Nashville to concentrate on his music career. To say Kip worked several years at his craft might be an understatement. It took him 8 years to get his debut album out, but it wasn’t without heartbreak.

Before he could release his debut album, his father passed away. Add to that the album was poorly received. It was in 2011 when his song Somethin’ ‘Bout A Truck hit the country airwaves. It quickly ran up the charts to number one putting his long journey to musical stardom on a brighter path. He followed that hit with two more off the Up All Night album. Beer Money became an anthem for country music fans to sing at the top of their lungs while Hey Pretty Girl brought them back down to Earth and showed a softer side to the singer. His debut album Up All Night was the most successful by a country male singer in both 2012 and 2013. Things really looked to be going even higher for Moore. Then in 2013 he was planning to release his next album when he hit a bit of a downturn. The next two songs were not well received so he decided to him to scrap his next album and start over with new music and that led to I’m To Blame off his album Wild Ones. 2017 was another good year for Kip Moore as More Girls Like You from his album Slowheart was another hit followed up by Last Shot. Moore is bringing his talents to West Salem for Country Boom this summer where you’ll get to hear his latest song Damn Love.

Moore has a very distinctive voice that at times seems like it might dive straight into a gravel tinged hum, but evens out with a smooth baritone twang. Damn Love really banks on that as he sings about the pitfalls and high points of being in love. The funny thing is he is the ultimate Nashville bachelor as he’s never been married and admits his passion for music on and off the stage runs deep and keeps him busy. He claims he’s been a boyfriend a few times, but nothing too serious. His real love does seem to be his music whether he’s singing it or writing it for someone else.

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