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Brett Eldredge is a man of many talents, especially vocally. He has 5 number one hits starting in 2012 with his single “Don’t Ya”. Growing up in Illinois Brett is more mid-western than Southern Country. He headed to Nashville in 2009 when he wrote the single “I Think I’ve Had Enough” for Gary Allen. Brett […]

Two months ago Jimmie Allen came to La Crosse and performed the last outdoor concert at Logger Field. He has become a busy man these last few years and has been VERY busy as of late with touring and being on Dancing With The Stars. As he said at the concert, “I go from wearing […]

Elvie Shane is pretty new to Country Music only in exposure and album releases. However, he has been singing since 2012 when he dropped out of school at Western Kentucky University. It was 4 years later that Shane found himself on American Idol trying to get his name out the re and looking for his […]

Sometimes our CSOTM is someone you largely know and can identify them by a one word name, like Garth, Miranda, Dierks, or Dolly. Sometimes we focus on a newcomer whose star is just starting to shine. This month we want you to get to know Lainey Wilson and her new song “Things A Man Oughta […]

If you didn’t know Old Dominion as a band you would surely know the members individually if the band had never existed. The band was formed in 2007 as it’s members Matthew Ramsey, Trevor Rosen, Whit Seller, Goeff Sprung, and Brad Tursi met through different connections of college and writing and band collaborations. As the […]

Chris Lane has been on the Country Music scene since 2012, but there’s a chance he wouldn’t have been. Chris and his twin brother Cory were both athletes in high school and college. After playing football and baseball in high school they went on to play baseball at the collegiate level at the University Of […]

If I asked you who Joshua Ryan Owen was you most likely wouldn’t know. I could tell you he has several number one country songs and you still might be confused. That’s because Joshua goes by his stage name “Jake” Owen. Now you know who I’m talking about. Jake and his twin brother, Jarrod were […]

Travis Denning hasn’t been on the scene for long, but he is starting to make a name for himself. Hew grew up in Warner Robins, Georgia and headed to Nashville in 2014. He had a love for Country Music at a young age as his father would play songs for him. As is common in […]

Darius Rucker’s trip to country music went in a unique path. He didn’t start out as country musician. Instead he gained fame as the lead singer of a “college rock” band in the mid 1990’s that most thought was the next big thing in music. Some listeners don’t know or only hear whispers of Hootie […]

Little Big Town formed in 1998 and have been a staple of country music since they hit it big in 2005 with their smash hit “Boondocks”. The group has had the same four members since its founding: Karen Fairchild, Kimberly Schlapman, Phillip Sweet, and Jimi Westbrook. LBT has always had a mix of three part […]

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