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George Birge is not new to the Country Music scene. You may recognized him from the group he was in until 2021 called Waterloo Revival. The duo didn’t have much success and they decided to go their separate ways. George sojourned on to make it as a stand alone artist. Seeing his name pop up on the charts he seems to have the most unassuming name in Country Music. It just doesn’t sound right for some reason, but his voice does. His recent song “Mind On You” has been making a slow climb up the charts for the last few months.

Birge doesn’t have a voice that stands out much from others, but he does have a distinct style. His songs have a drive to them reminiscent of rock songs. Nashville took a renewed look at the Texas native when he went to Tik Tok and put out a video of his song “Beer Beer, Truck Truck”. It seems like this is the way a number of artists are getting discovered nowadays. He is even teaming up with other artists as he and RaeLynn collaborated on a song I can see making some moves on radio called “Whiskey Go ‘Round”. The song centers on the constant back and forth a couple goes through breaking up and making up.

I would say that George might have a good start to his career with the current songs he’s releasing. However, they are a bit formulaic following similar themes in the genre that seem to be fading out. Jackson Dean, Warren Zeiders, and Cody Johnson are concentrating on things other than relationships and alcohol fueled breakups and rekindled flames. His voice though gives him a chance to move on from those and find solid footing in the current shift in Country Music.

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