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A San Diego woman’s dream recently turned into her nightmare when she woke up and discovered that she’d swallowed her engagement ring. Jenna Evans says that she immediately knew she swallowed the ring because that’s exactly what she did her dream. Evans says she dreamed that she and her fiancé, Bobby, were facing off with […]

A baby girl who was born in Germantown, Tennessee, on September 11 is going viral for the remarkable coincidence of the date, time and weight of her birth. According to WREG-TV, the baby girl, Christina Brown, came into the world on Wednesday, 9/11 at 9:11 PM weighing 9 pounds, 11 ounces. To grasp just how […]

The old saying goes, “They shot themselves in the foot.” The Vikings started the game unloading that gun by letting the Packers score on their first 3 drives and being down 21-0 in the first half. Then Dalvin Cook busted off a 75 yard touchdown run and things seemed to settle down. The Vikings kept […]

Twice a year most of Minnesota and most of Wisconsin don’t get along for a week or so. There’s just something about “Packers week” that get the nervous and collective competitive juices flowing. Currently the Vikings haven’t lost to the Packers in the last 3 years. Zimmer and his defense have had Green Bay’s number. […]

The fourth-grade boy who recently got bullied for making his own University of Tennessee (UT) shirt to wear to school has now been offered a scholarship to attend UT. On Thursday, UT announced that the boy has been awarded a four-year scholarship to the school covering his tuition and fees. The school said that “should […]

Imagine going on a camping trip and everything is planned and you know exactly where you’re going only to have a curve thrown at you. That’s what happened to this family on a trip this last June. A message in a bottle and some other, unknown hikers got them rescued.

Tim released this video of him and his band in his bus singing the classic Cars tune Drive, and it’s beautiful! Here’s hoping he cuts his own version.

Well to say I wasn’t a little nervous before the Vikings took on the Falcons before the game started would be a bit of a fib. I knew they could win this game, but it was going to be close. With the last few years of being nervous of anyone kicking for the Vikings and […]

It’s currently taking the internet by storm! Just two kids showing us all that the world just needs to get along. Who couldn’t use a hug?

A man visiting an amusement park in Spain recently showed off his quick reflexes by catching a stranger’s iPhone midair while riding a roller coaster there. New Zealander Samuel Kempf says he made the incredible catch at Spain’s PortAventura theme park while riding one of Europe’s tallest roller coasters, Shambhala. In the caption for his […]