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Baseball has had two names over the years: America’s Pastime and The Gentleman’s Game. It was the most popular game for decades and it has no clock or limit on innings so theoretically a game could go on forever. One thing that has hurt baseball over the years has been it’s pacing. Home runs are […]

“This is my boom stick!” “Give me some sugar, baby.” “Groovy.” If you or your weird friend that can’t stop talking about horror movies uses these on a regular basis, then you know the “Evil Dead” horror franchise started by director Sam Raimi. I was first exposed to it as a kid at a graduation […]

The horror genre is constantly trying to find new ways to bring folks to the theater. The heyday was in the 80s for sure. It has moments of being on top again with innovative takes like “The Blair Witch Project” or the “Scream” series, but it always seems to trail off again quickly. It is […]

As I’ve said, movies should be viewed in the theater as often as possible. It’s not just the big screen experience but also sharing the event with a group of people. Some movies are just more powerful on the big screen versus your TV. Some are OK to see on your TV because there’ nothing […]

Hollywood at times has a tendency to make some real-life situations over dramatic. In some cases, it is helpful to tell a story and in some in detracts from what the viewers can really glean from the story. That’s to say that it loses its heart. “Painkiller” on Netflix is dramatized to help tell the […]

Superhero movies can be hit or miss depending on the character being portrayed and who is directing or producing the film. Marvel and Disney sit on top of the success levels. They had a formula put together and followed it while bringing in great talent and directors. They have had a few miscues but nothing […]

I had been seeing the trailers for You Are So Not Invited To My Bat Mitzvah from Netflix here and there. It looked like some lighthearted comedy that maybe delved too much into his childish antics. Netflix has been the landing spot for his last few movies, and while they can be well made by […]

Game shows are not what they used to be. They used to rule airwaves at night well before they ever became a daytime staple. Folks used to gather round the “ol’ boob tube” and watch strangers win fabulous prizes, trips, and cold hard cash. As sitcoms started to control more of the viewing landscape game […]

There are some movies that are named about as perfectly as can be for what they are about. Star Wars, Saving Private Ryan, Sixteen Candles all have great names and they never actually same the title in the movie. Then there are those named for what they are about such as Jurassic Park, Top Gun, […]

Music documentaries or biographical movies can always be a mixed bag of what you might get. They either seem to give you more than you expected or miss out on some of the more interesting aspects of the band or singer. While Bohemian Rhapsody was a wonderful film that captured Queen and Freddy Mercury quite […]

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