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Today you can’t think of shoes in general without Nike being a part of the conversation. They are the biggest name in shoes and anyone with money to throw around freely has a pair or two of the best shoes they can get. The top of the shoe mountain is the one named after the […]

There is no position in all of sports that is harder than playing quarterback. None. It is the only position in sports where you have to know what every player knows and what they are up to on the field. They get too much credit for wins and they get too much blame for losses. […]

One would say the most stressful and anticipated part of a serious relationship is the moment you know you will be meeting their family. These are the people that you will be spending holidays with, going to other family gatherings like weddings and graduations, and sharing your kids with someday. I’m amazed when I hear […]

In the 1990’s the TV viewing audience was craving something new. The interest in sports was waning a bit as Monday Night Football wasn’t ruling the airwaves as it had in the past. Game shows were still something you only watched if you were a stay at home parent or were sick and recovering on […]

There are few movie characters that are as iconic as the actor that plays them. Few where if you changed the actor that the character would become almost unrecognizable. Harrison Ford has the distinction of playing two characters that are as inseparable from him as they are from the franchises they belong to. The first […]

This week I decided to do a bit of a change up. It’s a long weekend and the weather should be great for outside activities. If you’re sitting indoors over the 4th Of July weekend it’s probably mostly to just cool down or get away from your drunk friend that won’t stop yelling “‘Murica!” at […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger two weeks in a row? The guy still knows how to market himself and in this case he had a documentary about himself released at the same time as his first TV series. Sure, it’s on Netflix but it’s still a series. When I saw this show was on its way I was […]

There is one name that is most synonymous with action movies: Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is usually the first person most people think of when the 80s and explosions on the silver screen are brought up. While Sylvester Stallone and others are definitely icons of action movies in their own right he was the absolute epitome […]

I’m the first person that is against remaking films unless you actually make then significantly better than the original. There are classics that can never be done better and shouldn’t be even if they are, at times imitated to a certain level. No one asked for a remake of Red Dawn, but for some reason […]

When I first saw trailers for “The Mother” on Netflix I thought that it was a vehicle for Jennifer Lopez to dip into the action genre. She has been in thrillers and action movies, but this was her portraying the action hero that usually is reserved for men like Arnold and Sly. Shots of her […]

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