When the weather is bad like this week we tend to pay extra attention to the road. We slow down. Leave earlier than normal. We make sure that we are focused on staying between the lines. This morning I also was thinking, “Man, I hope a deer doesn’t decide to jump out in front of […]

So many people tell me how relaxing golf is and that it’s really fun. When I was younger I tried it at school and I literally couldn’t hit the ball 10 yards. I knew with my frustration level growing that I should not continue on as I would be more stressed than relaxed playing the […]

I love when people have a sense of humor. I marvel at those that are so whip smart that they come up with a joke or a funny story right on the spot. Comedians put themselves on stage to show off their skills with varying degrees of success. Most comedians will tell you that you […]

We all grow up eventually. Our tastes change an become (hopefully) more sophisticated. There are junk foods we regret ever eating in our youth and the cheap brands of alcohol we had to buy due to our paycheck give us memories we would rather forget. I can think of a bunch of places that I […]

Those that know me know that I have no love for the Green Bay Packers. None. I watched Brett Favre play there and dash my dreams several times. He was an awesome quarterback and when the Vikings brought him out of retirement I hesitantly accepted him on the team. Hate in the sports world is […]

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