I am a Levi’s guy. All my jeans are Levi’s. Not because of only the name, but because they fit well and I’m comfortable in them. Levi’s are usually the most common jean in people’s collection mostly due to the fact that they evolved and grabbed on to trends over the decades they have been […]

Growing up I played my fair share of video games. I started on the Atari system with poorly made versions of Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and Defender along with games made specially for the system with names like Pitfall, River Raid, and Seaquest. At the time they were the height of technology and indoor activity. Sure, […]

The price of homes that last year has been astounding. I’ve heard of homes being sold for more than double what they would normally be worth in the current market. It’s the one thing the pandemic actually affected in a different manner. Now the cost of building a new home has also gone up exponentially […]

People battling cancer need support, and the best place to get that is from those around them in their community. Every year the Houston Area Cancer Support group raises funds for local patients and their families with an auction and a biscuits and gravy breakfast with all the funds staying LOCAL. The LaCrosse Regional Airport […]

One of the biggest video games of all time was Super Mario Bros. When the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) came out in the 80s it blew away all other consoles mostly because the games you played on it was exactly like the game you played in the arcade. It was revolutionary and all those quarters […]

David Hasselhoff is one of the most known celebrities world wide. His career took off in the 80’s when he starred in Knight Rider on NBC as a former cop who is recruited to drive a supped up Trans Am that can talk, drive, and think for itself. He later on went to star in […]

There is nothing like the rush of bidding at an auction. I can only imagine how that feels if you basically have unlimited funds. Here we have a car that sells for WAY more than was ever put into it. If you saw the movie Ford vs Ferrari you might wish you had the coin […]

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