In America you have the right to peacefully protest to bring attention to any cause you see fit. We’ve seen times when people feel the need to protest at sporting events because they have not only a live audience, but hopefully a number of cameras and home viewers that see them. Whether they simply streak […]

When it comes to sports we all have our favorite player or coach. Bud Grant, Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Bill Belichick are all known and revered in their own way. In some instances reporters and announcers become just as iconic. Howard Cosell, John Madden, and Joe Buck have all had broadcasts of glory and cringe […]

Players that have great talent in basketball rarely stay in college for very long. In some cases they don’t even go to college and head to the NBA straight from high school. The tri-states’s have produced a few NBA players over the years and now La Crosse Central’s own Johnny Davis headed there as well. […]

Amongst all the hoopla of March Madness and people cringing over their brackets busting there are still shining moments at the high school level. Local teams have finished up their basketball season and have moved on to the next sport, the off season, or had the last game of their high school career. The accolades […]

Some moments that are actually pretty ordinary seem to encapsulate other moments in their similarities. When we have a bad day or a rough week at work we lean on the fact that it’s Friday and when something goes wrong we can say, “Thank God it’s Friday!” Or perhaps someone points out with a meme […]

Taken from the book of “Are You Serious Right Now?!” is a story and video from the NBA. Devin Booker of the Phoenix Suns is a pretty good player. He got to the free throw line the other night to try and put some easy points on the scoreboard. They were playing in Toronto taking […]

You may or may not know that in my spare time I coach sports. I’ve done it for 21 years at the youth level and with 7th and 8th graders. If there is one thing that has hurt sports the most over the years it has been parents. You ask any ref or coach and […]

Sometimes kids do the best things without us even knowing. When I see a story like this my heart feels full that there are kids out there that know what’s truly right and wrong. Not everyone can have the “best” shoes that money can buy no matter how well they play. Some folks are just […]

Maya Moore spent several years examining and helping with the case against Jonathan Irons. He was recently released from prison. She just revealed they secretly got married! How about that?!

When we grow older we learn two things when it comes to competition: be a good sport and always be humble. When you’re a kid though you can still have unmitigated moments of pure joy that no one can fault you for. thi sis one of those times.

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