You ever have that moment where you find something that doesn’t belong to you? You wrack your brain to figure out how you got it and then remember the person stopped at your house for a visit or you picked it up by accident when you went to their house. It happens! What’s the weirdest […]

We live in an area where outdoors living is a way of life. Hunting, fishing, riding trails are all part of people’s lives in one way or another. I have friends where their pastime of food gathering is like a second job to them, but without the stress. We’ve had bass tournaments in this area […]

I have to wonder: how do you actually cheat at chess? Apparently there is a way, but it has to be extremely hard since it’s just 2 people playing and staring at the board while they are watched. When I came across this I read the article, but it doesn’t say how they think Hans […]

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