Written by on September 8, 2022

I have to wonder: how do you actually cheat at chess? Apparently there is a way, but it has to be extremely hard since it’s just 2 people playing and staring at the board while they are watched. When I came across this I read the article, but it doesn’t say how they think Hans Niemann is cheating. His solution to prove his innocence is to play naked. I doubt they will allow that to happen. Niemann did at admit to cheating while playing online, but I don’t even know how you do THAT without hacking an entire system. From what I can tell they think he used some sort or electronic device which seems odd since they get a wand search simply when doing an interview. Maybe I’m just not smart enough as they only way I know how to cheat at chess would go something like this.

You can read about the whole thing here by clicking on the picture, and see whether or not they decide to let him play with his king exposed.

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