Growing up in a small rural town most of us that played football had one simple instruction for getting in a good workout during the off-season: go toss hay bales. The act of catching them off the baler and stacking them on a wagon, throwing them from a big caged wagon and stacking them, or […]

Sitting at most professional sporting events has it’s own unique perspective. Some places make you feel like you’re right in the action and some make you feel like you’re sitting so far away you might as well be at home. Football, basketball, and baseball get you pretty close to the action where you need to […]

In sports it is always the simple understanding: the team that scores the most points wins. Easy. After that there are certain unwritten rules in sport, especially in high school sports. These are rules of mutual respect given usually when a contest is out of reach by one team and the other team shows a […]

Some stories you just don’t need to say much more than what they are. Just wonder why it’s so dusty in the studio.

I wish every story I shared on here was sunshine and roses. That it will always make you laugh or feel a little shocked or bring a tear to your eye in the best way possible. However, today that is not the case. Today my guess is that you will be angry, as angry as […]

Jayden Wigginton truly appreciates everything Coach Richard Nelloms did for him as his coach. He thanks him with a letter and it couldn’t be better!

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