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Country duos are not new to the landscape. Neither are family member duos. The Bellamy Brothers, The Judds, and others dot the history of Country Music with varied success. Recently a new duo has emerged as possibly the next duo to get to the front of the genre. Tigirlily Gold is a sister duo from the Country Music hotbed of …. North Dakota. Yes, we don’t get a lot of acts from that neck of the woods. Kendal and Krsita Slaubaugh didn’t used to have Gold at the end of their name and started as just Tigirlily. They started performing at Dierks Bentley’s bar and decided to add it on. During the pandemic they used that time to perform covers of artists and post those videos to TikTok which is exactly what got them noticed. Now they’re looking to be more mainstream than just a social media group.

About a year ago they put out a song called Shoot Tequila that sounded like a bonafide country hit referencing downing shooters of the popular alcohol. Their vocals perfectly melded together as the lyrics discuss maybe this isn’t best way to forget their recent failed relationship. It has been out there but surprisingly hasn’t caught on with the party crowd like Drunk and I Don’t Wanna Go Home did a few years ago. The girls have been getting plenty of exposure regardless. During the football season they were singing the National Anthem at a number of NFL and college games and are showing up on at a bunch of festivals including the Saturday of Ashley For The Arts this summer.

They recently released a new song called I Tried A Ring On. This is a sultry tune filled with the regret of dreaming about getting engaged to someone before things fell apart. The girls harmonies are beautiful and they don’t overdo anything. The performances I’ve seen feel very genuine and they aren’t trying to shock anyone, but are just trying to stay true to their roots. They are a group we could hear much more from if they can just break through with one of these recent songs that sound like, to me hits that girls can get behind.

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