It’s not the first time we’ve heard a story like this. A small private plane has to make an emergency landing so they find a highway and try to put it down as safely as possible. If a camera happens to catch it there is usually light to no traffic and it’s a dash or […]

There are a bevy of stories out there of people having great wedding moments and memories. Whether it’s that crazy dance that your uncle did or the kid that wouldn’t stop talking during the ceremony that made for a funnier wedding tape you can find one. Sometimes we see photos or stories of famous people […]

If you’ve ever driven in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area on the highway you know that driving can be an ordeal. While around our area we don’t worry too much about traffic and drive with a defensive strategy in the Twin Cities you must drive more offensively. Should you have an emergency getting over to the […]

We’ve reached the point in the seasons where one seems to come and go depending on the day. After a few beautiful days a few weeks ago we have been thrust back into winter like temperatures. Fingers crossed that the precipitation coming the next few days stays as mostly rain with a few stray flakes […]

How many action movies have we seen since the the 1980s that have a dramatic rescue scene? At some point the hero narrowly escapes the death as they jump from a car that’s about to explode or they pull someone from the burning wreckage just as it falls from a cliff. Then there is always […]

There are people that will always tell you how dangerous something is as if it’s the most dangerous thing ever. In actuality it’s just another everyday thing that you could get injured doing or even worse. My response has always been that you can get hurt “just getting out of bed”. In some cases you […]

It always seems like when we’re in a hurry we get stuck behind a slow moving vehicle with no opportunity to pass. Slightly more frustrating is when our way is completely blocked. I’m about to appeal to anyone that lives in or makes many trips to Winona and gets caught at the dreaded train crossing […]

Every once in a while you see something you can’t believe. In the safest of venues it’s a magic trick or a circus act. Maybe a singer does something crazy at a concert or an athlete pulls off a miracle, or a physics defying catch. We see these and are amazed, and question, “How did […]

NEWS FLASH: Major sporting events are about the athletes not those standing on the sidelines watching. Too often you have someone trying to “be a part of it” by running on the field, streaking, jumping into a picture in the background, holding up a controversial sign, and my personal pet peeve, yelling during a moment […]

Admit it: when you’re feeling down sometimes you just need to see someone else who has it worse than you do. We like to laugh at other’s mishaps as long as it’s not devastatingly bad and everyone survived. I’ve gone down this internet hole many times and come out the other side feeling a little […]

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