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If you’ve never seen “Ted” or its sequel let me sum it up for you: a boy wishes his teddy bear will come to life and it does. The two become inseparable lazy pot heads with John not being able to grow up. Apparently, someone thought we needed to know how they got to this […]

Toys as movies. It is not something new. When Transformers, GI JOE, He-Man, and Care Bears ruled the toy shelves they also ruled the TV airwaves after school and on Saturday mornings. So many were on TV that kids could recreate their favorite episodes or have enough imagination fuel to write their own adventures. Making […]

We have all had the dream of being a different age at some point in our lives. We either spent our youth waiting to be older or our adult life wishing we were younger. The grass can look greener on the other side of the age fence. What’s funny is we eventually realize we were […]

When it comes to movies there are sometimes stories behind some of the most iconic scenes. Improvisation and sudden script changes have caused changes that have taken movies in altogether different directions. We sit and watch and wonder at times: how did they come up with that? How did they pull off that effect? Who […]

I wanted to make sure I got this list out in time for you to sit down and enjoy it leading up to Christmas. There aren’t many weekends in between, but Christmas does fall on a Monday so you can get a few week nights in that weekend you can finish it up just in […]

When I was a kid there was a few things to look forward to during the holidays: holiday specials, lots of food and desserts, and no school. Network television didn’t offer a lot to watch during the unlike now when you can throw in a Blu Ray disc, find something on cable, or stream almost […]

The days of the raunchy comedy seem to come and go depending on social attitudes. The 80s were the height of them with a massive resurgence in the late 90s and early 2000s. While they were always done for laughs, they never had a very strong cast other than a token star while the majority […]

The horror genre is constantly trying to find new ways to bring folks to the theater. The heyday was in the 80s for sure. It has moments of being on top again with innovative takes like “The Blair Witch Project” or the “Scream” series, but it always seems to trail off again quickly. It is […]

As I’ve said, movies should be viewed in the theater as often as possible. It’s not just the big screen experience but also sharing the event with a group of people. Some movies are just more powerful on the big screen versus your TV. Some are OK to see on your TV because there’ nothing […]

Game shows are not what they used to be. They used to rule airwaves at night well before they ever became a daytime staple. Folks used to gather round the “ol’ boob tube” and watch strangers win fabulous prizes, trips, and cold hard cash. As sitcoms started to control more of the viewing landscape game […]

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