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There is one question to answer with the series “The Outlaws” on Amazon Prime: can the writer/creator of an American drama about a biker gang and the writer/creator/producer of the British version of a popular comedy get together and make a great show? I had to wonder when I saw the trailer for it and […]

As we grow up and and get ready to leave the nest that our parents have built for us we start to think about our next step. Whether you were going on to college or if you were going straight to the work force usually finances are tight and getting your own place requires a […]

I had stayed away from the film “Home Team” on Netflix for a few reasons. First, it is a somewhat a true story. It isn’t an in depth look into it’s subject and the trials and tribulations of their story. It looked like it would be a comedic look at the subject which immediately gives […]

There is nothing that annoys me more in the world of celebrities than those that are famous for just being rich or famous for all the wrong reasons. There is a huge difference in the entertainment world between those that are talented and use their talent to entertain us and then make money off it […]

The last few years the movie theaters have and will be filled with stories around time travel and multiple universes. While the Marvel Universe is centered around it the DC universe is about to open their version of it. After growing up with “Back To The Future” and its simple explanation of time travel we […]

Superhero movies have a problem at times and that is introducing the entire audience to the character. How they came to be. What their motives are. Who are they when they’re not being a superhero. This is because when these movies hit the theaters they need to be accessible to everyone that shows up and […]

In our world of being surrounded by technology we all have the concern that we are being constantly listened to. We have all had a moment where we talk about something and suddenly, we keep getting ads for that item popping up on our screens. Who’s listening? What do they want? When did I talk […]

The last decade has been full of movies based on comic books and superheroes. Some have been epic and sprawling over several movies capturing not just longtime comic book fans, but appealing to people an audience that didn’t even know who these characters were. Marvel has ruled the box office with their tales of the […]

There are a slew of shows streaming on services that are basically your usual fair. Sitcoms, dramas, documentaries, and comedies cover what you would expect to find. When it comes down to it we want to stay in those comfort zones like being wrapped in a warm blanket on a cold winter’s day. At times, […]

I’m taking a slight deviation from talking about a specific movie or show this week. Mostly it’s because they don’t have much programming that is catching buzz right now. Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Paramount, HBO Max ….. you’ve heard of them all. The big names in movie and TV streaming services that dominate […]

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