It sounds like something Homer Simpson would say as a joke. Over the years The Simpsons have made this joke whenever something is edible or remotely sounds like something you would eat and Homer would start to drool. I think even he would reject this idea. 7-Eleven – which is thankfully nowhere near here is […]

Lawn Starter has an intriguing question for you: Do you LOVE the locally-sourced food where you live or is your best option for fresh food the Walmart down the road? A new study ranked the “best cities to eat local food,” and it considered factors like community-supported agriculture, farm stands and markets, bakeries, butcher shops, […]

We have seen what seems like countless videos of people being removed from a flight. Some are quite easy to determine why as the video shows them fully showing off their transgressions. Others are a bit more vague to start, but as the video continues we see why. This one isn’t so much about seeing […]

If it hasn’t already hit your feeds it will soon and it’s not something new. “Pilk” is making another round of social media following the “dirty soda” trend of mixing milk, creme, and other syrups with pop. Some combinations sound weird, but are actually quite good. The cola and milk mix was even popular on […]

I guess if today has to be Monday then at least it’s a Monday worth celebrating. I mean, work was crappy, there’s snow everywhere, we still need to social distance, and someone at the office got under your skin (even if you work from home). So why not have a bit of summer when you […]

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