You know growing up you would see a commercial or maybe even see one driving down the road and think, “Man, would that be fun!” The closest you probably ever got was pushing around a Hot Wheels version on the basement or bedroom floor. Now is the chance to live out your dream! Oscar Meyer […]

A FedEx driver has taken the internet by storm thanks to a TikTok video that shows him jamming out to Mariah Carey’s iconic holiday song, “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” The short TIkTok video shows the driver sitting in his parked FedEx delivery van as he grooved to Mariah’s multi-platinum classic. The video […]

Because 2020 is 2020 why wouldn’t this happen? A Zamboni at a New York ice arena bursts into flames while on the ice. Somehow the driver has the intestinal fortitude to stay on it and drive it off the ice where the fire is extinguished. No one was hurt and no further damage done. There […]

I always think of some of the smart-aleck things people must put in those “special instructions” segment of an order. While I’m just putting “deliver to the front door”, or “leave on the porch” we’ve got people with instructions like this. The best part? The delivery driver followed them to perfection!

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