Written by on January 16, 2023

Who knew delivering packages could be so dangerous beyond the occasional dog bite? Charles delivers for Amazon and last week he had a terrifying moment when he walked across a customer’s lawn and the ground gave way. If that wasn’t bad enough the hole he fell into was for the septic tank. Yucky. Charles tried to climb out, but that didn’t go well so he called for help. For those that don’t understand how dangerous this situation was at any moment the sides of the hols could have collapsed and buried him alive. Luckily he was rescued and took video of his ordeal so everyone else can learn a lesson. The crappiest part of his whole ordeal was not what he was standing in. They had him continue his delivery route! He should have immediately gone home to thoroughly shower, and then to the hospital to get tested for anything he could have picked up standing in human waste or at least get tips on what to watch for. He uses some choice words for his predicament in these videos, but that is to be expected.


Walked past a hole while delivering to a customer’s house when it collapsed and took me with it! #baddayatwork #amazondspdriver

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