We are feeling the effects of the pandemic in different ways. Not at our job and working remotely or feeling stuck at home still because we can’t travel to exotic locales. It’s a worldwide effect that causes different emotions. Even the animal kingdom is feeling the effects. Recently, some monkeys in Thailand got into a […]

OK, let’s all be honest here: if you saw a bear in your backyard and it was taking stabs at your dog you would be distressed. Would you be so upset that you would charge the bear and shove it off a wall? Most likely not. I mean, it’s a freaking bear! In this case […]

There’s a statuary standoff unfolding between the state of Wisconsin and a branch of the U.S. military. The USS Wisconsin is no stranger to strife. The carrier’s 16-inch guns pounded Japan during World War II, and the battleship sailed into the fight during the first Gulf War. But now, the ship finds itself in a […]

Because where else than Florida would this happen? Glad he was able to save his dog!

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