I’m almost afraid to share this. I have a sister that is very detail oriented and this is right up her alley. This family understands that Thanksgiving can be busy and there is almost a chore like atmosphere when preparing the meal and cleaning up afterward. So, in order to keep things moving and everyone […]

This time of the year things can get hectic and just plain busy. Next weekend you’ll be stuffing your self with turkey and the ensuing leftovers. This weekend make sure you get out and have some fun before you have to think about the conversations you need to avoid around the dinner table of Thanksgiving. […]

This time of the year we all seem to feel full of joy, peace, and food. But not everyone can say that. Some struggle to have or feel any of those experiences and this is the time of year we should recognize that the most. Be grateful for what you have, but remember those that […]

Bears are pretty much everywhere it seems. They are a beautiful animal and can appear to be as huggable as a dog. when you see them from a distance. However, historically they are not an animal you want to try to hug because they might eat you. Trying to get a close up shot of […]

Oktoberfest in LaCrosse is one of the best and world renowned celebrations of the event. What do you do there? Well, of course you have some great music to listen to with all the bands playing on the fest grounds. The things that go best with that music are giant pretzels, beer, and the pinnacle […]

You know what’s horrible? People. People do bad things that don’t give a second thought as to how it affects someone else. Sometimes it’s parking in a spot you shouldn’t be in or not waiting your turn making other people late or miss an opportunity. These are rude actions that aren’t extremely devastating but can […]

Paper cheese … we all kind of like it. Paper cheese is the cheese from your burger that sticks to the paper that we peel off with our finger and eat. It’s good and is such a small amount it feels like we got something special. While it may have been joked about I don’t […]

Have you ever just sat around and thought about unique food combinations? Such as, steak with cranberry sauce on it or maybe a baked potato stuffed with chicken and drizzled with buffalo sauce. Nothing too crazy, but you may find a new and palatable mix. Sometimes when I watch the Food Network I see things […]

Lawn Starter has an intriguing question for you: Do you LOVE the locally-sourced food where you live or is your best option for fresh food the Walmart down the road? A new study ranked the “best cities to eat local food,” and it considered factors like community-supported agriculture, farm stands and markets, bakeries, butcher shops, […]

We all remember the days as a kid being home from school or needing a quick meal before running off to a sporting event. There was always a can of pasta in the pantry and it was usually SpaghettiO’s. The fallback for a quick heat up in the microwave or a slow simmer on the […]

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