The NFL business model is to continue to expand the reach of professional football world wide. There are several countries that have semi-pro versions of American football, but nothing close to the NFL since the World League existed. Every year a couple games are played over there now where previously there was only one. Originally […]

Every sport has an all-star game of some sort. Some are played with purpose and others are strictly as an exhibition. For instance, the MLB All-Star game is played to determine home field advantage in the playoffs while the NFL Pro-Bowl means absolutely nothing. The thing is that it used to. Sure you used to […]

FOOTBALL! Always an exciting time in our neck of the woods. The rivalries are deep and at times without mercy. There will be trash talk. There will be hurt feelings. In the end though, there will be food and beers and everyone gets along again. The NFL this weekend had a slew of great playoff […]

I spend a fair amount of time on social media trying to keep up on what folks are talking about and what are the current trends. This is also a great way for me to keep up on my favorite sports teams and see what they are up to. Lately, I kept seeing posts with […]

Taken from the book of “Are You Serious Right Now?!” is a story and video from the NBA. Devin Booker of the Phoenix Suns is a pretty good player. He got to the free throw line the other night to try and put some easy points on the scoreboard. They were playing in Toronto taking […]

Every year in the NFL players get injured while performing on the field. Sometimes it’s just normal cuts and bruises that come from giant guys crashing into each other at high rates of speed. While other times it can be an injury that derails them for a season or maybe even their career. There are […]

The Vikings game didn’t turn out like most thought it should have. The team intercepted the Rams 3 times and should have come out with the win. However, that didn’t happen. As a nice distraction from the game at halftime the Vikings had a corgi race with the dogs wearing Santa riders on them. Needless […]

This last weekend was full of football! There was college games that changed the balance of the playoffs and rivalry games that went down to the wire. The NFL was in full swing with games on Thanksgiving Day and then again on Sunday, and in some states there was high school football wrapping up their […]

Kirk Cousins, no matter what you think of him as a player is a very nice guy. He comes off with a wholesomeness not normally seen in pro-athletes in most sports. It’s one of the reasons it’s so hard to hate the guy regardless of his on-field performance. On Sunday he led the Vikings to […]

In sports it is always the simple understanding: the team that scores the most points wins. Easy. After that there are certain unwritten rules in sport, especially in high school sports. These are rules of mutual respect given usually when a contest is out of reach by one team and the other team shows a […]

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