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Well to say I wasn’t a little nervous before the Vikings took on the Falcons before the game started would be a bit of a fib. I knew they could win this game, but it was going to be close. With the last few years of being nervous of anyone kicking for the Vikings and […]

The third preseason game for any team is supposed to be the starters for the first half and into the second half. The thought process here is to get prepared for the regular season and get the feel of a full game. While some starters were held out like Adam Thielen and Harrison Smith most […]

The Minnesota Twins may have a new mascot! For the last two nights during their series with the Chicago White Sox this furry bolt of lightning has run on the field with the team trailing. Soon after the Twins have rallied and won their games. Last night it even ran right between Max Kepler’s legs […]

The second preseason game is in the books and I don’t think we know much more than we already do about this team. Kirk Cousins only had one errant throw on a perfectly setup screen, but other than that was on target and hitting his favorite target Adam Thielen with accuracy and ease. The Seahawks […]

As most of you know, I’m a pretty big Vikings fan. However, I stay realistic in my view of the team. You have to! With that said I really enjoy watching preseason football. You never know where the next Tom Brady, Terrell Davis, or John Randle might come from. Watching those players that you may […]