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The saying is, ” a win is a win”, but sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. The Vikings pulled out a win today at home against the hapless, winless Detroit Lions and I shouldn’t have to even type that sentence. Greg Joseph hit a game winning field goal as time ran out and I shouldn’t […]

I’m really not sure where to put the blame for the Vikings loss today. The only group that didn’t cause me to grit my teeth was special teams. Yes, wow! What a great day of punting! Yes, that is sarcasm. On the first drive the Vikings moved the ball down the field and got into […]

The collective sigh of relief you hear is Vikings fans for two reasons. Number one: they were back in US Bank Stadium making it the raucous, ear shattering venue that opposing teams hate to come into. The Skol Chant was in full throat and you could tell the announcers had to raise their voice to […]

Picture it: the Vikings are down in a close game with minutes to go on the road. Their defense stiffens and gets the ball back in the offense’s hands. Kirk Cousins drives the team down the field. All the Vikings need is field goal to win the game. After the playmakers get the ball into […]

I have to say that I had a pretty positive outlook on this year’s Vikings squad. They added to their defense and had several players returning that were out injured. The offense was pretty intact from their 4th in the league ranking from 2020 with a few additions to the offensive line and wide receiver […]

SKOL! Yes! Football is back and I could not be happier! Every year I try not to wish that it happens too fast because that means the summer is slipping away and getting outside on the weekends become fewer and fewer. Last year it could not have come soon enough as I just needed something […]

Are you ready to SKOL chant again?! The NFL returns and we’ve got all the Purple Pride action you can handle! Whether you’re from the old school Bud Grant and the Purple People Eaters era, a Three Deep disciple looking for the opponent to get “Mossed”, or you regularly watch replays of the “Minneapolis Miracle” […]

The NFL puts on quite a show for the the schedule release. We’ll keep it simple and just post it for ya. Click the “Download” button to save it to your phone or computer! Listen to Minnesota Vikings football all season on KQ98! SKOL!

With the anticipation that Governor Walz with relax restrictions today many professional teams are hopeful for expanded attendance or full attendance. The Vikings can be the most hopeful since their season doesn’t kick off until the fall and vaccinations should be high enough to safely gather in those types of numbers. Fans are anxiously anticipating […]

It’s over. Done! The season that we couldn’t wait for to be here to take our minds off of all the terrible stuff in the world became part of the terrible stuff going on. After last season it seemed like the Vikings and head coach Mike Zimmer could put a few pieces on place and […]

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