It’s not an old Toy ‘R Us or Payless Shoes. It’s just someone having fun in their own house! A family decided to portray a Spirit Halloween store in their home with the activation buttons even positioned on the floor. The kids are sweet, but the adult as Michael Myers from Halloween steals the show. […]

As we all know this time of year is rife with haunted houses and spooky trail rides. Most are fundraisers for local charities. In Harmony, Minnesota the Fillmore Central school kids are running their own haunted house to help raise funds for programs at school. They do it while ranking as the best haunted house […]

Not everyone puts up their Christmas decorations right after Halloween. Some want those pumpkins and gourds to last all the way to Thanksgiving. It’s still fall and those decorations are not just specific to one holiday. The problem is getting those orange beauties lasting long enough to last the whole season. Sometimes it’s just luck […]

I am a full fledged Christmas decorator. I am always thinking of new ways to decorate and new things to add to the yard or the house interior. I’m a little jealous though of those that can decorate really well for Halloween. Sometimes it’s their ability to build cool stuff and sometimes it’s the level […]

For me, Christmas is my favorite time to decorate for a holiday! I put up lights and inflatables in the yard and make it look as close to the North Pole as possible. I have to admit I get a little jealous of those that can decorate at an epic level for Halloween. Some people […]

Some good news that will lift your spirits even higher than they may have been for Halloween. Blake Mompher is 9 years old and he is in a wheelchair. He wanted the world to know about his love for McDonald’s french fries by dressing as them for Halloween. The entire costume fit over his wheelchair […]

I came across a list that is VITAL to parents looking to stick their hands in their kids candy bags after, or during trick-or-treating this evening. Now I have always had my favorite candy to choose from when the kids went out: Frootsie Rolls or the fruit flavored Tootsie Rolls as they are know to […]

There are certain traditions that should live forever: trick-or-treating, turkey at Thanksgiving, leaving cookies out for Santa, looking for your hidden Easter basket, and adult beverages at St. Patrick’s Day. Growing up we all have traditions that have changed or been altered slightly to accommodate a myriad of reasons. Growing up this was the time […]

I love the holiday season! From Halloween until New Year’s Day I love the feelings that people put out, the general vibe of the seasons. I truly love it when someone loves a holiday so much that they go the extra mile when decorating. We’ve seen hundreds of Christmas light displays with some set to […]

Every year you either wait too long to get your costumes or forget all together. OK, maybe it’s just me that does that. In the past I used to run to Valley View Mall to find the perfect costume or toy store for my kids. If you haven’t gone costume shopping since there was a […]

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