OK, just to be clear folks aren’t running out to get armadillos. They aren’t the new cool thing to carry around in your purse. However, there is a video making the rounds from Potawatomi Zoo in Indiana of an armadillo just being funny in a classroom. The adorable animal runs and curls up and even […]

Have you ever been in a situation where you worried about being hurt and how long it would take for someone to find you? It’s one of those thoughts that pops into your mind getting into the shower or when you’re driving in snowy conditions. Most times you know it would be several hours before […]

Way back in 2016 before there was a glut of streaming services there was one king or streaming and that was Netflix. They were the ones that really pushed streaming services to the extreme by buying and producing original shows and movies. What started out as a few here and there has grown into it’s […]

The Prep Preview! Every August local fans of their high school football teams wait to see what the report is on their team and the surrounding opponents. Holmen, La Crosse, GET, Bangor, Houston, Rushford-Peterson, Caledonia, Winona all have moms and dads waiting to see their kid in the practice video or as an interview on […]

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