This High School QB Is HYPED For This Year’s Team, Dog!

Written by on August 4, 2021

The Prep Preview! Every August local fans of their high school football teams wait to see what the report is on their team and the surrounding opponents. Holmen, La Crosse, GET, Bangor, Houston, Rushford-Peterson, Caledonia, Winona all have moms and dads waiting to see their kid in the practice video or as an interview on the team’s opportunities and outlook. Some kids are polished enough to give the generic “we’re going to give 100%” or “We’ll just let the season play out” and of course the go to quote “we’re going to take it one game at a time”. On occasion you have a kid that doesn’t say much at all. The best of times is when you have a kid full of energy that is so excited for his team and the season that he just let’s it all hang out. Nelson Knapke boarders on one of those kids with a future as a manager in the WWE with his presentation of his team. I’ve never seen the Bishop Luers football team in action, but this kid makes me want to get some Knights swag!

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