Every year around the holidays we hear about the needs in our communities. It’s good to be reminded that not everyone has it easy at this time of year. With that, if you are able to help by volunteering or by giving donations that is greatly appreciated by everyone. Even the smallest donation of money […]

The holidays are in full swing as December 1st starts off the weekend. There are still craft shows to go to and find special gifts. Maybe you’re tired of all the shopping and running around already. Here’s a few things to do that are entertaining and educational from the craft side of things. Friends and […]

Walk Safely Costumes for a Safe Halloween Drive Extra Safely on Halloween

It’s not an old Toy ‘R Us or Payless Shoes. It’s just someone having fun in their own house! A family decided to portray a Spirit Halloween store in their home with the activation buttons even positioned on the floor. The kids are sweet, but the adult as Michael Myers from Halloween steals the show. […]

I’ll be the first to admit I hate getting caught in traffic. This video from Portland in June is absolutely ridiculous and frightening. A man upset by a parade closing the freeway exits drives through barriers and weaves his way through a busy parade route. He almost hits pedestrians including children! The police try to […]

As we all know this time of year is rife with haunted houses and spooky trail rides. Most are fundraisers for local charities. In Harmony, Minnesota the Fillmore Central school kids are running their own haunted house to help raise funds for programs at school. They do it while ranking as the best haunted house […]

I do my best to not assume people are a certain way just because of where they come from. While stereotypes are born of some levels of truth that doesn’t mean that everyone from a certain demographic fits that stereotype. This video doesn’t do anything to help with that theory. These are kids from Beverly […]

There are a ton of traditions when kids graduate from school. From loving video tributes to overblown senior pranks, to catching a case of “senior-itis”, the kids will always have something to help them remember their final days of school. Sure, all they’ve talked about is getting out, but they soon realize how much they […]

Every year it seems we are treated to a new video of someone doing something they think is safe. They decide that the perfect picture for their Instagram is a close up of a wild animal. What usually happens is them going viral being in a video of that same animal chasing or attacking them. […]

There’s nothing that makes dads happier than taking their kids to an experience. Their first bike ride on a trail, camping, concerts, and that first ball game at their favorite team’s home field. I know how cool it felt when I got to take my kids to their first Vikings football game. We had a […]

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