minnesota state fair

When I attend the “Great Minnesota Get Together” I don’t tend to drink too much alcohol. We’ve generally gone as a family and I don’t want to stumble all over the grounds and drip Big Fat Bacon syrup all down the front of me due to not being able to find my mouth. When I […]

There really is no better State Fair than the Minnesota State Fair. Every year there is a bit of showdown between them and the Texas State Fair and the attendance numbers. They have comparable numbers, but Texas goes on for over 3 weeks versus Minnesota which goes for just under 2 weeks. Where Texas has […]

Missed out on Sweet Martha’s Cookies? Didn’t get your fix of pork chops on a stick? Having a major case of fried food FOMO? No worries! The Minnesota State Fair is having a Fall version of their Food Parade just like they did in August. You can get registered for a lottery and maybe get […]

Her journey began with the dairy community in the show ring 13 years ago. Today, Olmsted County Dairy Princess Brenna Connelly found her path to becoming a 67th Princess Kay of the Milky Way Finalist. Some of Connelly’s most fond memories are raising and showing heifers alongside her cousins who own and operate a dairy […]

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