OMG! Minnesota State Fair Releases New Foods To Try This Year

Written by on June 29, 2021

There really is no better State Fair than the Minnesota State Fair. Every year there is a bit of showdown between them and the Texas State Fair and the attendance numbers. They have comparable numbers, but Texas goes on for over 3 weeks versus Minnesota which goes for just under 2 weeks. Where Texas has no chance to compete is the food! Every year “The Great Minnesota Get Together” has it’s staple foods of Fresh French Fries, Sweet Martha’s Cookies, Pronto Pups, and everything you can think of on a stick, that includes bacon and spaghetti. They also introduce new foods that are usually a bit outside the box, or a great fusing of foods from different regions. This year is no different and looking at this list of new foods there are only a few I wouldn’t be interested in, but I would try just to say I did. A real MNSF pro will tell you the best thing to do is go with a group so you can try as much as possible by sharing with each other. Easier said than done with some of these as you may go Joey Tribbiani and exclaim that you “DON’T SHARE FOOD!” Things are getting back to normal and I’m thinking this might be a great year to hit the fair. They even have a map and printable version of the list on their site so you can check off the entire menu. That might take you a few days. When you check out this list you may make a breakfast, lunch, AND dinner date with your favorite foodie this summer. Click the picture to check them out.

Click here to see the list of new food at the Minnesota State Fair!

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