“Do you like scary movies?” It’s been a pop culture catchphrase for the last 25 years making people afraid to answer the phone while home alone. As much as Freddy, Jason, and Michael have been the pinnacle of horror movie royalty few have pierced that level of popularity as much as Ghostface. The masked killer […]

Movies can be simply for entertainment and escapism. You sit down and simply disappear into the story and remove all disbelief in order to be entertained. Usually these are referred to as “popcorn” movies and they are full of action or comedy, and aren’t considered in the Oscar race. They’re just good fun! On the […]

OK, it has been out for a couple weeks, so you have fair warning if I spoil anything for you. You’ve been warned twice. Over the years there have been characters that have had movies on top of movies made about them. James Bond is by far the top of the heap since they have […]

This weekend there was a certain movie that may have shattered a number of box office records with it’s arachnid themed superhero. In my avoid-all-spoilers-on-social-media mode ( because I couldn’t go see it this weekend) I delved into a movie that I think would have done pretty well in theaters too had it been released […]

We have all been there staring at that one Christmas gift that we have at the top of our list as a kid. For me it was a yearly struggle to look through the toy catalogs and circle the gifts I wanted the most. I had many action figure based toys to choose from with […]

If you haven’t been watching Cobra Kai on Netflix over the last few years I question your life decisions. Mostly I do that if you grew up watching the original Karate Movies from the 80s starring Ralph Macchio. Even if you never saw them you have heard or used the quote “wax on, wax off” […]

I can’t honestly say that, but I’m going to guess they do their best to not make it smell that way. There are “pop up” bars and shops every year around this time of year. They usually grab on to a theme and use that to market the business in a unique way. In La […]

Dinosaurs! They never cease to amaze us regardless of our age or whether we are looking at fossils or seeing a computer generated dino on our TV or movie screen. They are something we have never seen in person alive and running around. We see remnants of them in lizards and other species in our […]

As a kid growing up in the 80’s there was a definitive shift in comedy that decade. You could have a comedy that wasn’t just all jokes, but you could also mix in action as well. To take it even further you can add in a little bit of scary moments and the mix of […]

Sometimes when we see a movie or TV show we want to know the backstory of certain characters. Why are they that way? What made them good? What made then evil? How did they get to this point in life? That’s a big part of why the Marvel superhero movies are so popular because whether […]

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