I had been seeing the trailers for You Are So Not Invited To My Bat Mitzvah from Netflix here and there. It looked like some lighthearted comedy that maybe delved too much into his childish antics. Netflix has been the landing spot for his last few movies, and while they can be well made by […]

There are some movies that are named about as perfectly as can be for what they are about. Star Wars, Saving Private Ryan, Sixteen Candles all have great names and they never actually same the title in the movie. Then there are those named for what they are about such as Jurassic Park, Top Gun, […]

In a story that seemed too good to be true it finally comes around that it may have been just that. The story of Michael Oher is well known. It came to light when he was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in 2009. When he came on stage with his family you could tell there […]

It’s not often anymore that films are filmed in Minnesota or really the tri-state area. Back in the 90s there was a bevy of films made and about Minnesota. Feeling Minnesota, Jingle All The Way, Fargo, and Grumpy Old Men just to name a few. That quickly stopped when certain taxes were implemented that caused […]

When it comes to Barbie Dolls, she has been every occupation you can think of, but she has only lived in one place. Almost everyone knows that her Dream House resides in one place: Malibu. I do think it’s interesting she doesn’t have a New York condo, an adobe house built in Arizona, or a […]

I am a lucky person in that my bladder is pretty strong. I almost never leave my seat at a Vikings game and I definitely never walk out to use the facilities when I go to a movie. I do my best to “go” just before I go in to the theater so I can […]

One would say the most stressful and anticipated part of a serious relationship is the moment you know you will be meeting their family. These are the people that you will be spending holidays with, going to other family gatherings like weddings and graduations, and sharing your kids with someday. I’m amazed when I hear […]

Road rage comes in many forms. On the lighter side it’s as small as muttering under their breath so the kids don’t repeat what you said and the obscene figure gesture of the one finger salute. On the other end are people ramming their cars into people, brandishing weapons, and physically assaulting the cause of […]

“What a bunch of a-holes.” is what was uttered in the original trailer for the first Guardians of the Galaxy when it was coming out in 2014. It was a signal that this was not another comic book, superhero movie that you had seen before. My limited knowledge of comic books had me groaning that […]

There are two types of stories we read about in an emergency situation: heartbreaking tragedy or miraculous survival. Sometimes they just show up in the news and we are left with a certain number of questions until it is not news worthy anymore as the story has been told. When it comes to airplanes there […]

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