We all want sports back in our lives for nothing else but to just distract us from everything happening (or not happening) in the world. Sports are our great escape! Whether by ourselves on the couch or in the stadiums or arenas we feel like we are altogether and not alone. Minnesota sports misses us […]

Doubt them. Slight them by not having them in a commercial of playoff teams. Give them no respect. That’s OK. If Mike Zimmer and the Vikings players, front office and ownership were the only people that believed they could win this game then so be it. No one in the pregame shows, pundit broadcasts, blogs […]

As most of you know, I’m a pretty big Vikings fan. However, I stay realistic in my view of the team. You have to! With that said I really enjoy watching preseason football. You never know where the next Tom Brady, Terrell Davis, or John Randle might come from. Watching those players that you may […]

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