Years ago Marvel made the comic book movie the premiere attraction at the theaters. Their main competition at DC comics thought they need to jump on board as well. Since Marvel was a few years into their storylines featuring characters and then putting them all in one big movie DC made a critical error. They […]

As I’ve said, movies should be viewed in the theater as often as possible. It’s not just the big screen experience but also sharing the event with a group of people. Some movies are just more powerful on the big screen versus your TV. Some are OK to see on your TV because there’ nothing […]

“Do you like scary movies?” It’s been a pop culture catchphrase for the last 25 years making people afraid to answer the phone while home alone. As much as Freddy, Jason, and Michael have been the pinnacle of horror movie royalty few have pierced that level of popularity as much as Ghostface. The masked killer […]

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