It’s easy to be cynical in today’s day and age. This is not one of those times. Jane, who recently performed on AGT put on a singing performance that is absolutely incredible. Jane goes by Nightbirde (night-bird) when she performs and she doesn’t let the fact she has cancer hold her back or be a […]

Over the years Saturday Night Live has had a slew of great impressionists. From Dan Ackroyd’s wacky Julia Childs to Dana Carvey’s loved impressions of President George Bush Sr. and Ross Perot to Darrell Hammond’s spot on portrayal of President Bill Clinton and hilarious take on Sean Connery. One of the underrated cast member s […]

This baby is already sure to have a lot of fun with mom and dad! They introduce everyone and then sing Salt n Peppa’s Push It. The baby was born 10 minutes later. Check out their musical serenade!

The mystery woman who went viral for her commanding operatic performance in an L.A. subway has been identified. The woman’s voice went viral over the weekend after the Los Angeles Police Department shared a video of her singing a famous opera tune in the L.A. Metro. The woman has now been identified as 52-year-old Emily […]

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