Speeding has always been an issue no matter where you go. Just the other day I had someone pass me going way over the speed limit in a less than safe manner. I expected to come around a corner and find them crashed into another vehicle. We all have those moments where we go a […]

How many times have you seen someone not operating their vehicle properly and looked at them and wondered how they got a license? Then you suddenly see the flashing red and blues and feel some redemption as they get pulled over. Now imagine you see a car not doing something right and the police pull […]

A litterbug in Indiana was recently given a ticket after the dirty diaper they tossed out of a vehicle’s window landed on a state trooper’s car. According to the Indy Star, Indiana State Police trooper Sgt. Stephen Wheeles was traveling on I-65 in Johnson County when he noticed a passenger throw the dirty diaper out […]

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