Written by on June 30, 2022

Speeding has always been an issue no matter where you go. Just the other day I had someone pass me going way over the speed limit in a less than safe manner. I expected to come around a corner and find them crashed into another vehicle. We all have those moments where we go a little faster than we should and hope we get away with it. However, when the pandemic hit there was a great decrease in the number of cars on the road where maybe one car traveled on a road at a given time. This caused people to really hit the throttle and get busted going at excessive speeds on a regular basis. The number of high speed accidents also increased. It has slowed down some, but there are Lead Foot Larrys and Leonas still pushing it to the Danger Zone. Minnesota is starting to crack down on it and you can see the Houston County Sheriff along with other agencies will be ramping up patrols in July. So, here is your friendly warning that you might want to give a little extra time to travel and let off the pedal or hand throttle this month unless you want to spend some extra time with state or local officers. You can click on the picture to see the post from the Houston County Sheriff’s office.

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