We have all seen videos of car accidents that shock or horrify us. Some that make you wonder how someone survived and others that make you shake your head in disbelief over how dumb someone can be. This one is so crazy it borders on being almost impressive to a degree. Take a look and […]

You ever have someone that needs to follow you somewhere, but you’re afraid of them losing you? Do you have a smaller vehicle but want to tow a big camper? This may soon be possible. Toyota is testing out wireless towing where whatever you’re towing, whether it’s another car following you or perhaps a self […]

It’s not the first time we’ve heard a story like this. A small private plane has to make an emergency landing so they find a highway and try to put it down as safely as possible. If a camera happens to catch it there is usually light to no traffic and it’s a dash or […]

Speeding has always been an issue no matter where you go. Just the other day I had someone pass me going way over the speed limit in a less than safe manner. I expected to come around a corner and find them crashed into another vehicle. We all have those moments where we go a […]

If you’ve ever driven in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area on the highway you know that driving can be an ordeal. While around our area we don’t worry too much about traffic and drive with a defensive strategy in the Twin Cities you must drive more offensively. Should you have an emergency getting over to the […]

There is a lot of amazing videos on the internet. They can be inspiring, scary, shocking, and downright cool. I’m not sure which category this falls in other than almost all of them. Imagine being way too close to a tornado in the first place and getting out your camera to video it crossing right […]

PANIC!!!! OK, maybe don’t panic just yet. When I saw this story about a semi hauling White Claws burning in the Minnesota metro area a slew of jokes flew into my brain. White Claws do not taste better warmed up. How will bachelorette parties be able to overcome this? If Courtney and Andra don’t have […]

One of the risks of going to a scene when reporting on an occurrence is becoming part of the scene itself. Reporters are always trying to get the best angle for a shot for TV, or if they’re with the newspaper find the best person to quote and get some perfect pictures. There have been […]

Kirk Cousins, no matter what you think of him as a player is a very nice guy. He comes off with a wholesomeness not normally seen in pro-athletes in most sports. It’s one of the reasons it’s so hard to hate the guy regardless of his on-field performance. On Sunday he led the Vikings to […]

The summer around the tri-states brings lots of weather stories. Whether we’re melting from the sweltering heat, in the middle of a drought, or filming sewers overflowing due to a deluge of rain there is always something to talk about. Now this year hasn’t been great for thunderstorms. I’m talking about the good ones that […]

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