Tis the season that kids are getting a bit squirrelly with the school year coming to an end. May brings about thoughts of summer and no more homework and the seniors have the feelings or “senior-itis” creeping in. One of the other traditions at the end of a school year is the senior prank. Sometimes […]

When you watch a disaster movie you know that there will be destruction of a certain level depending on the title. “Twister”, “San Andreas”, “Towering Inferno”, ….. “Sharknado” all give you an idea of what to expect. There is also a formula of the heroes either having to save someone trapped in the middle of […]

Sunday Night Football is a spectacle all on its own. A big opening montage with Carrie Underwood, premiere broadcasters, and sometimes big halftime events. The one spectacle going on all season has been a superstar being at a number of Midwest games. In fact, fans and players alike have asked that everyone stop talking about […]

The Internet is just full of false information and people dumb enough to believe it. Name a conspiracy and there seems to be an unnatural (and at times unnerving) amount of folks that think because it’s on the internet that it must be true. For some, they go down “rabbit holes” that fill them with […]

Have you ever been heckled? You know, when you’re trying to do your job and someone tries to distract you or criticize you from the sidelines or audience? We usually associate it with people on stage with someone in the crowd yelling things at them. I’ve experienced it at a minor level and seen people […]

I understand how much an Apple Watch costs compared to any watch you buy over the counter. They are very helpful as well in tracking your health, texting, and keeping up on information. So helpful. I have a Fit Bit myself. However, there are moments that if I lost that watch I would consider it […]

Sharks: they will eat you. That’s a scientific fact. If you’re in the water and see one you should do your best to get to shore where they can’t reach you. You should not go out into the shallow waters even as they have been known to go pretty close to the shore to get […]

We all know someone there has to be someone out there that has a name that is the same as a famous person or character. When it’s on purpose moms and dads think that naming their child after a famous person just because their last name matches up is fun or cool because it’s their […]

There’s nothing that makes dads happier than taking their kids to an experience. Their first bike ride on a trail, camping, concerts, and that first ball game at their favorite team’s home field. I know how cool it felt when I got to take my kids to their first Vikings football game. We had a […]

We have all seen videos of car accidents that shock or horrify us. Some that make you wonder how someone survived and others that make you shake your head in disbelief over how dumb someone can be. This one is so crazy it borders on being almost impressive to a degree. Take a look and […]

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