If you trained, said your prayers, and took your vitamins then your dream may be coming true. The WWE is bringing Summerslam to Minneapolis at US Bank stadium in 2026 and they’re expanding it to two nights. August 1st and 2nd they’ll be wrastlin’ downtown in the home of the Minnesota Vikings. I haven’t followed […]

Let me tell you somthin’, brother! If I was ever in a car accident were I needed rescuing I would be happy with anyone getting me to safety. If it was someone famous I guess that would just be a kind of cool add on to the story. A young woman in Florida had an […]

Sharks: they will eat you. That’s a scientific fact. If you’re in the water and see one you should do your best to get to shore where they can’t reach you. You should not go out into the shallow waters even as they have been known to go pretty close to the shore to get […]

… Do they really appreciate that it’s done for the year? And that’s the bottom line.

We’ve all seen the meme where the guy at a baseball game is talking to a girl and it looks like he’s explaining somthing to her. It has become popular because the look on her face indicates she isn’t listening and his look is that he’s in full “bro” mode explaining something that she either […]

Chris Jericho had a very successful career in the WWE as one of their premiere wrestlers. Wrestling is well known to be a bit of a soap opera with it’s entertaining side stories and their matches of athletic moves that are more theater than actual competition. Recently Jericho’s niece has been on the receiving end […]

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